Pinus palastris

Botanic name Pinus palastris, It belongs to the family of Pinaceae. This tree grows along the coast of the Atlantic Gulf, in a strip that extends to southern Florida and Mexico.

Specific weight is 650 Kg/m³ al 12 % C.U .

Sapwood and heartwood are not well defined.
The sapwood is yellowish and rather narrow while the heartwood is reddish-yellow with a glossy appearance due to the presence of resin.
It has a medium texture and a straight but not regular grain.
Yellow Pine has a good durability.

Drying method: It should be carefully and slowly dried to avoid splitting.

This wood is easy to work despite the presence of resin.

It glues, nails and screws easily and all the joints are effective; Finishing is also very good.

The Yellow Pine is used for external constructions, shipbuilding and port buildings, railway sleepers, packaging and carpentry in general.

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