Quercus robur

Botanical name Quercus robur – spp, appartiene alla famiglia delle Fagaceae (angiorsperme). This tree is widespread throughout Europe, Asia, North and Central America, Canada.
The Yugoslavian variety can be considered the best and the most valuable among the European ones.

The specific weight  Green è di 1050 Kg/m³ – Dried 750 Kg/m³.

The wood is distinguished with yellowish sapwood and brown heartwood.
In the heartwood, there are radial sections, the medullary rays known by the users with the name of mirrors.
The texture is coarse and the grain is straight.

Il processo di essicazione it is a very easy and quick process but it must be carried very carefully to avoid splitting.

Rovere is an excellent work wood.
In addition to the construction of furniture, even valuable, it is used for railway sleepers, heavy constructions, laminated, flooring and joinery in general.

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