Milettia laurentii

Botanic name Milettia laurentii, It belongs to the family of Leguminosae Papilionatae. This tree grows in the tropical African forests, especially from the West Cameron to Belgian Congo.

Specific weight – Green 1100 Kg/m³ – Dried 900 Kg/m³ al 12 % C.U.

Sapwood and heartwood are clearly distinguished.
The first is almost white, distinguished from heartwood that could change colour, from a gold-brown to a dark brown with black streaks.
Its coarse texture and its wavy fibre give to this wood pleasant appearance and for this reason is considered a decorative wood.
Wengè is very heavy, with a little tendency to shrinkage and very resistant to mechanical pressure and traction.
Wengè is durable so is not particularly liable to insect attacks.

The artificial drying must be processed very slowly and carefully to avoid splitting and warping.

Wengè can be easily sawn, turned or carved using appropriate tools.

Cleaning, lacquering and above all gluing are more difficult.

This wood is generally used for the production of luxury furniture, parquet and floors.

Wengè is suitable for interior and exterior carpentry and coatings.

Given its decorative characteristics, this wood is perfect to make valuable veneers, sculptures and objects in general.

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