Tectona grandis

Botanic name Tectona grandis, It belongs to the family of Verbenaceae. The native Teak comes from Burma.

The specific weight depends from the original provenience of the tree, but it can be value from 550kg/m³ to 750kg/m³.

Sapwood and heartwood are clearly distinguished.
The first is thin, whitish and completely different from the colour of the heartwood which is brownish green just sawed or worked and tends to become darker when exposed to air.
This wood is oily to the touch and so it has a great resistance to humidity and to the parasite attacks.
It has a coarse texture and straight grain.

The artificial drying doesn’t present difficulties but it must be done very slowly.

Teak is mainly used for many kind of shipbuilding: from boats to the above deck structures, deck cabins, etc.
This wood is required for the production of valuable and fine furniture, decking for external use, parquet, plywood and decorative sliced veneers.

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