Aningeria robusta

Botanical name is Aningeria Robusta.

Country of origin is West Africa.

The specific weight is 550/600 kg/m³

Greatly used for veneer, interior trim and the outer parts of furniture.

Not much used as outdoor wood, except as a substitution for cherry.

In southern Europe, it is often used as an alternative to European Walnut.

In the United States, the variety with cigarette curls is much sought after for high-end furniture.

Anigre is also commonly called Tanganyika Walnut.

It is often found and used with curls.

The heartwood has shades from golden yellow to reddish brown, sometimes with darker streaks.

Like many woods, it tends to darken upon exposure to light and with age.

The sapwood varies from yellow to light grey, and is generally narrow.

 The artificial drying the log must be dried as soon as it is cut to avoid the possible formation of blue spots.

Medium and uniform texture, with a high degree of natural lustre.

The surface can be treated in all ways but white spots may form due to lime deposits.

This wood is used for the construction of furniture, furnishings, decorative veneers, luxury floors, cabinet making and objects in general.

It is easy to join with glue. Pre-drilling is essential for screw and nail joints as the risk of tearing is very high.

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