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Responsibility towards the environment, the heritage of the human race, that extends not only to present but also to future generations; for this reason we have the responsibility of safeguarding all natural resources, so that others can benefit as well. We firmly believe that “humankind” and “environment” can coexist in perfect harmony by applying ecologically sound decisions.


For this reason, Etnalegno always chooses its suppliers by taking into consideration the environmental resources and the sustainability of the forests, making sure that trees are cut down in accordance with the most rigorous respect for the laws and the environment. We like to affirm the concept that the world heritage of natural resources is a treasure to be preserved and passed on to our future generations.

Proper forest management is in fact essential for the equilibrium of our planet, because it allows us to take advantage of the virtues of wood (a renewable resource that can be cultivated, recycled and cultivated again cyclically) while always protecting productivity, vitality, renewal and the potential of the environment.


At Etna legno, we are always attentive to environmental issues.

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