Quality policy

The “mission” of Etnalegno is directed at:
– Ensuring and improving customer satisfaction;
– Responding to the market in a timely, flexible and competitive manner;
– Pursuing dynamic, comfortable and safe environmental conditions;
– Constantly improving the quality offered.

To implement this policy, the Management considers complete Customer satisfaction to be a fundamental element of success and believes that quality means above all prevention, improvement and optimisation of costs. Therefore the strategic input expressed by the Management can be summarised in the following points:
Maintain customer satisfaction/loyalty at a high level by preventing and eliminating the possible causes of Complaint and Non-Conformity;
Through a careful analysis of their processes and the “risks” connected to them, aim to identify all the improvement actions for their management system.
Respect the requested delivery terms;
Optimise the internal organisation for a better work environment and to reduce the costs of low quality;
Improve the Company’s image on the market through an efficient structure and through greater external transparency;
Optimise relationships with customers and suppliers, for a climate of fruitful collaboration;
Be in accordance with the laws and regulations in terms of safety in the workplace and environmental respect and conservation;
Guarantee the reliability of the products over time and the continuous improvement of technical capabilities and production standards.
To facilitate the monitoring of these commitments, the Management has established some measurable indicators for each company process, which it assesses during the management review.


Etna Legno s.r.l.

Registered office: Via Paolo VI, 47

95031 Adrano (CT)

Admininistrative and operative Headquarters: S.S.121 Km 28 – C.da Monafria

95047 Paternò (CT)


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