Etnalegno has always considered all species and types of wood as a heritage to be protected and this is why it operates in compliance with the laws in force and for the protection of the environment, these procedures are reaffirmed in the choice of our suppliers who must be in possession of the certifications obtained on the product and on the system.

Customer satisfaction

The customer and their satisfaction are our central focus; every activity, application and monitoring of the activities/processes are in fact aimed at determining the maximum satisfaction of the end user.



In October 2010, the European Union approved a system to prevent the trade of illegal timber in Europe through two specific regulations, No. 2173/2005 and No. 995/2010, known as FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement, governance and trade) and EUTR (European Union Timber Regulation).
The latter, which came into force on the 3rd of March 2013, applies to wood and all products deriving from it, including paper. For companies that introduce wood fibre-based products in Europe, the regulation prohibits the entry and trade of products of illegal origin and obliges the adoption of an internal system of “due diligence”.


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