Pyrus communis

Botanic name Pyrus communis, it belongs to the family of Rosaceae. This tree develops below ground in the area of Europe.

The specific  weight between is 650/750 kg/m³.

Use: wood of a certain value used for interior finishing of boats and bedroom, living room and office furniture. Pear is often stained black and used in building pianos or used as a substitute for ebony.

Characteristics: sapwood and heartwood are not very differentiated. The heartwood is white or pink and may come in different shades. It is generally steamed to intensify the colour and give it a warm tone.

Drying: drying must be done slowly.

Surface: hard dense wood with straight grain and fine texture. Very often polished due to its smooth surface.

Gluing: all types of joints are effective. For joints with screws or nails, pre-drilling is recommended.

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