Acer pseudoplatanus

Botalical namesis Acer pseudoplatanus, it belongs to the family of Aceraceae. The wood maple is easily found in the European temperate climatic areas. 

The specific weight is green 650 Kg/m³ – dried 500 Kg/m³.

Sapwood and heartwood are very similar; the wood is white or white-yellowish.
It becomes more yellow to the exposure of light and air.

It has a poor resistance so it is recommended to treat the wood in order to preserve it from fungi attacks.

It should be carefully and slowly dried to avoid splitting.

It is easy to work: this wood can be polished, nailed, stained or varnished.

Maple it is generally used in carpentry and cabinet-making; for the furniture construction, or to create decorative objects and musical instruments.



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