Larix decidua

Botanical name is Larix decidua.It belongs to the family of Pinaceae. This tree grows mainly in mountainous regions as well as in the United States, it can also be found in Europe and Siberia.

The specific weight is 650 kg/m³ al 12 % C.U.

Sapwood is narrow and light brown yellowish, and is clearly distinguished from heartwood which, in the fresh wood, is dark reddish with the tendency to darken over time.

It has a quite fine texture and generally, its fibre is straight. It is very resinous and only the heartwood is durable.

The artificial drying it is a very easy and quick process but it must be carried very carefully to avoid splitting.

Larch is very workable, even if the presence of resin can easily contaminate tools.

Screw, nail and glue joints hold well. With this wood, you can get a good cleaning.

It is widely used for heavy carpentry works, for door and window-frames, planks for floors and country furniture.

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