Guibourtsia demeusei

Botanical name is Guibourtia demeusei. It belongs to the family of of Leguminosae Caesaipiniaceae. This tree is diffused in the West equatorial area of Africa, from Cameron through Gabon and Congo.

The specific weight is Green 1.150 kg/m³ – Dried 900 kg/m³ al 12 % C.U.

Sapwood and heartwood are clearly distinguished.
The first is whitish or light brown and is useless;
Instead the heartwood is violet-red with some darker streaks.

It is a very hard and heavy wood, characterised by a strong resistance to termites.

It presents a homogenous and fine texture and a decorative fibre.

The artificial drying must be processed very slowly and carefully to avoid splitting and warping.

This wood is difficult to saw, but joints with nails and screws hold well.

Thanks to its characteristics, the Kevazingo/Bubinga, is widely used to make veneers, luxury furniture, turned objects and objects in general.

It is also used for floors, chairs, heavy carpentry and both indoor and outdoor coatings.

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