Chlorophora excelsa

Botanical name is Chlorophora excelsa, It belongs to the family of Moraceae. This tree grows below the ground of tropical area of the West Africa. 

The specific weight is Green 950 kg/m³ – Dried 650 kg/m³ al 12 % C.U.

This wood is strong and hard but easy to work with.
The sapwood is perishable and must therefore be eliminated, unlike the heartwood
which has a yellow – brown color and which over time acquires a more evident darkening.

The artificial drying it is a very easy and quick process but it must be carried very carefully to avoid splitting.


The Iroko, thanks to its resistance to pests and atmospheric agents, is used for shipbuilding, parquet and even outdoor floors.
It is also used for window frames, valuable furniture, light and heavy carpentry, veneer and lamellar.

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