Tsuga heterophylla

Botanic name Tsuga heterophylla,  It belongs to the family of the Pinacee. Its original area is the costs of the South Alaska; actually, it grows in the zone that extended from the British Columbia to California.

It is drying on open air, and it has a specific weight of 550 Kg/m³.

The Hemlock tree, native of the pacific area, is a valuable variety in comparison to the tree of the oriental coast, thanks to its larger dimensions and to the structure of the wood.

Sapwood is white or yellow-white, clearly distinguished from the colour of the heartwood which is dark yellow and tends to reddish.

This wood, characterised by a fine and straight fibre, is often characterised from darker strips due to some parts of its bark. Even if it is a light wood, is also very strong; infect, it is often used for constructions.

 Drying is very easy, but it must be processed with careful in order to avoid possible splits of the wood.

It is easily carved, for this reason is widely use for several purposes. It’s often used for constructions as lumber or for plywood production.

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