Ulmus campestris

Botanical name Ulmus campestris, belongs to the Ulmaceae family.

This tree grows in Mediterranean Europe and also in Mediterranean Asia.

Elm wood is one of the heaviest and hardest woods (dry density of 640 kg/m³).

Elm raffia is thinner than lime tree raffia; for this reason, it was formerly used by gardeners for binding.

In the same way, the wood’s specific characteristics – hardness, toughness and impact resistance – saw it used in the construction of cars and mills for components that undergo extreme stress.

In addition to these common qualities, elm has an extraordinarily beautiful veneer and warm tones, making it a striking wood for furniture.

The sapwood is yellowish grey, while the heartwood is reddish brown with a tendency to darken when exposed to the air.

The wood has a medium or coarse texture with a straight grain and is durable even when submerged in water.

It must be dried very slowly because it tends to crack and warp.

Elm wood is used for the furniture industry, floor planks, railway sleepers, decorative items and ornaments.

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