Diospyros mespiliformis

The black wood par excellence coming from the Asian forests of India, Indonesia, and East Africa.

Ebony is obtained from plants of the Diospyros genus, originating in India and South-East Asia (Indonesia in particular), but also found abundantly in East Africa. 

When cut, ebony has the characteristic predominantly black, or blackish, colour; this particular pigmentation is due to the proliferation of a fungal parasite that develops inside the heartwood, destroying and collapsing the lymphatic elements. 

Ebony is a hard and heavy wood, with practically no porosity: this characteristic makes it water repellent and particularly resistant to moisture coming from outside.

Today ebony is used to make furnishing items and accessories, and it is constantly and regularly used for making stringed instruments: ebony is in fact the main material of almost all wind and string instruments made of wood.

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