Afzelia pachiloba

Botanical name is Afzelia pachiloba, it belongs to the family of Leguminosae Caesalpinoideae. This tree grows below the ground of tropical area of the West Africa.

The specific weight is Green 1100 kg/m³ – Dried 800 kg/m³ al 12 % C:U.

This wood has a thin whitish sapwood, well differentiated from the heartwood that is freshly brownish, but then goes to the reddish.

The sapwood is perishable due to parasitic attacks of fungi and insects while the heartwood is highly resistant to atmospheric agents and is therefore highly recommended for jobs that must be exposed to the open air.
This wood has a coarse texture and an interlocked grain.

It can easily be dried with very good results.

Generally this wood can be worked without problems, smoothed and cleaned very well.
Due to its high content of fatty substances, it is very difficult to glue it with the normal glues used in furniture factories.

Given the hardness and stability of the Doussiè, it is widely used for valuable floors, stairs, buildings and construction sites.

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