Pseudotsuga menziesii

Botanical name is Peseudotsunga menziesii, it belongs to the family of Pinaceae. This tree develops below ground of Forests of the western part of North America, from British Columbia to Mexico, on both sides of the Rocky Mountains.

The specific weight is Green 700 kg/m³ – Dried 500 kg/m³.

The sapwood varies in colour from whitish to light tones such as yellowish or rosy; the heartwood is rosy/yellowish in the trunks coming from mountain areas (Yellow Fir), whereas in those coming from low altitudes towards the Pacific it is clearly rosy (Red Fir). The growth rings are very clear and generally have a small thickness.

Drying process must be carried out very slowly but without any particular problem.

More veneer and plywood are produced from this species than any other timber. Also for heavy construction work, laminated arches and roof trusses, interior and exterior joinery, pales, piles, paper pulp, vats and tanks. Dock and harbur work, marine piling, ship building, mining timber, railway sleepers, slack and tight cooperage.

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