We are a young company and our sector is the wholesale marketing of timber and semi-finished wood products.We are a young company and our sector is the wholesale marketing of timber and semi-finished wood products.

After years of experience in the sector, Nicola Giuffrida decided to create his own company, starting from the desire to rely on his own working skills, from the idea that it is necessary to believe in his work and to invest in it in terms of time and resources.

This is how  Etna Legno srl. came to be.

Flexibility and dynamism 

From the very start in the wholesale of timber, we were aware of the fact that achievement of results would only be possible through continuous commitment, the willingness to meet customer needs and their satisfaction, having a skilled set of staff, and the constant search for the best and most competitive products.
Commitment has been rewarded with constant growth, year after year we have expanded our clientele and with it our staff as well; we have made the necessary investments to give an ever better service.
Today we are a concrete and solid timber wholesaler, operating throughout Sicily and in some foreign areas.
We are always looking for excellence, offering our customers preparation and professionalism, a wide range of laminates, veneered panels and wood panels, a vast choice of finishes and customisations, the best brands and products in the furnishing sector, guaranteeing the immediate availability of all products with a prompt delivery.

What we offer

We offer timber for construction and work in semi-finished and finished products for the implementation of structures for civil construction and interior furnishing systems.

We are a reference point in the wholesale of timber for construction companies, carpenters, architects and designers who want to give their customers the best wood.

We treat top quality timbers by selecting the raw materials, the production processes of the semi-finished products and the leading producers in the wood sector, in order to guarantee an excellent product.

We are exclusive dealers for Sicily of the most important brands in the world of semi-finished materials and complements for furnishing and design.

Exclusive dealers for Sicily of BETACRYL®, the latest generation acrylic stone.

In Etnalegno there is dynamism, competence, passion, seriousness and work culture. These management factors allow us to establish a solid relationship of trust with customers and suppliers.

Etna Legno s.r.l.

Registered office: Via Paolo VI, 47

95031 Adrano (CT)

Admininistrative and operative Headquarters: S.S.121 Km 28 – C.da Monafria

95047 Paternò (CT)


+39 095 62 16 53

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