Castanea sativa mill

Botanical name Castanea sativa mill, it belongs to the family of Fagaceae. Its original area is Asia, but the chestnut grows all over the Mediterranean Europe and in general in temperate areas.

The specific weight is Green 900 kg/m³ – Dried 600 kg/m³.

Sapwood, which is narrow and has a white yellowish colour, is clearly distinguished from heartwood, that is light brown but tends to darken over time.

The Chestnut has a coarse texture, with straight grain.

The heartwood is durable and it has a great resistance to the insect and fungi attacks.

Drying process It should be carefully and slowly dried to avoid splitting.

When it is seasoned, it works well with all the tools.

The Chestnut is used for staves production, for the extraction of tannin.

In general for shipbuilding, for interior and exterior furnishings, flooring and furniture.

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