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BETACRYL® the latest generation acrylic stone.

Betacryl solid surface

The sheet  BETACRYL® it’s a solid surface material made aproximately of two-thirds of aluminum hydroxide, a third of acrylic resin and natural pigments.

The aluminum hydroxide gives the product a particular strength, the quality of the acrylic resin ensures cleanliness, suitability for contact with food, water resistance and colour stability over time.

its consistency, similar to natural stone, BETACRYL® is restorable and can be fabricated with woodworking equipment.

It can be seamlessly joined and a simple thermoforming process allows to create curved surfaces allowing total freedom to the designers’ imagination.

Why choose Acrylic Stone ?

Total waterproofness of the material: it does not absorb and any stains may be only superficial.
Eligibility for food contact.
Restorable: the material can be repaired and restored forever.
Color stability: the material does not change color over time.
Hygiene: non-porous, imperceptible joints. Inert: not Subject to special disposal, considered as a solid urban waste.

Why chose BETACRYL ?

Sheets are offered in the widest range of thicknesses, widths and lengths of the market.

Material cutting waste reduction: reduced fabrication costs. Simply copy colour: BETACRYL® can be produced in customised colours and any shade even in small quantities.

Wide range of shapes for kitchens, sanitary and bathrooms. Customised moulded products can be produced on specific design.

Antibacterial: BETACRYL® has obtained the international certificate of Eurofins

Fire resistance: BETACRYL® is certificated by the prestigious Euroclass B S1 D0 on its whole sheets standard production.

Eco-friendly: a high percentage of recycled material is reused in the material recipe.

Advantages of the scheets  BETACRYL

High thermoformability

There are no other materials with the same versatility as Betacryl®. It is thermoformable indeed and allows with extreme simplicity, to obtain curved forms with great esthetic impact

Colour stability – External use

The noble raw material used in BETACRYL® production (aluminum trioxide and pure acrylic) ensures excellent colour stability over time even in outdoor installations.
Tests show imperceptible chromatic variations to the naked eye in standard climatic and atmospheric agents

Impercettible joints

BETACRYL® can be glued with imperceptible joints. This welding process, guaranteed by a two-component adhesive, allows to obtein monolithic results with no visible joints between the different BETACRYL® elements.

Matching with other material

The ever-intensing skill of the Acrylic Stone fabricators allows to combine BETACRYL® to other materials (such as steel and other type of metals, antique or veneered wood, glass, concrete and resins) with astonishing success.

Suitable for contact with food

BETACRYL® recipe and the raw material formula, during the polymerization proces, make BETACRYL® aseptic and antibacterial in a “natural” way (without the addition of specific chemical additives).
BETACRYL® is therefore ideal for use in areas of healthcare , medical sites and food.

Workable with wood tools

Although BETACRYL® looks very similar with stone, it can be easily fabricated with conventional tools and machines suitable for carpentry, therefore no wet processing operations are required.
Thanks to this feature as it is easily ‘adaptable’ during installation. Simple sanding operations allow to obtain different surface finishing, from matt to glossy.


Thanks to its versatility, solid surface is used in various fields, from furnishings to yachting, health and surgery, in to pubblic structures.


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