Fraxinus americana

Botanical name Fraxinus Nigra, belongs to the Oleaceae family. It is a tree that commonly grows in the mixed deciduous forests found in the eastern region of the United States, ranging from the State of New York to the southern states bordering the Persian Gulf.

 Compared to European Ash, it grows more rapidly and has a slightly darker colour even though the areas of American origin can influence the shade in different ways, usually the greyish-brown colour has red shades. Even the texture is slightly coarser. Straight fibres, pronounced growth rings.

Its wood is easy to bend and turn and is a particularly robust and resistant, characterised by veining, colour and distinctive properties.

Its specific weight is 640 Kg/m³ – Dry specific weight is 450Kg/m³.

Wood is used for a wide range of objects, and is highly valued for violin making.

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