Lunglans nigra

Botanical name is Juglans nigra L. It belongs to the family of Juglanaceae.

The tree is easily found in the northeastern areas of the United States, but also grows in the area to the south to Florida and Texas.

Specific weight is 600 kg/m³ al 12% C.U.

The whitish sapwood is well distinguished from the heartwood with a brownish, rather dark and variegated color.
With a medium or coarse texture and a generally straight grain, the wood is hard, rather heavy, but at the same time quite flexible and elastic.
When fresh it has a very characteristic intense smell.
It is medium-strong.

The drying process takes place easily, despite some risk of splits.

This wood is easy to process using any tool.

The good-looking veneers are widely used in the furniture industry for interior furnishings, or in carpentry and cabinet making, for the execution of shotguns, furnishing items and fixtures.

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