Fagus sylvatica

Botanical name is Fagus sylvatica, It belongs to the family of Fagaceae (angiosperm). Beech is present in forests all over Europe, excluding the most northern area.

The specific weight is Green 1.050 kg/m³ – Dried 730 kg/m³.

Sapwood and heartwood are not distinguished but sometimes trunks can feature an irregularly shaped variegated dark brown area in the inside next to the medulla (so-called “fake heart”).

Faggio is hard, heavy very lasting and resistant to pressure. The texture is regular and the grain is straight. If it must be used for external structures, it is recommended to treat the wood in order to preserve it from parasites and xylophagous attacks.

The artificial drying must be processed very slowly and carefully to avoid splitting and warping.

This wood is usually used for furniture, internal flooring, parquet, musical instruments, plywood, window frames and general objects.

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