Mitragyna ciliata

Botanical name is Mitragyna ciliata, it belongs to the family of Rubiaceae. This tree develops below ground of the area of the West Africa.

The specific weight is Green 750 kg/m³ – Dried 550 kg/m³ al 12% C.U.

The pale orange –brown to pink sapwood forms the bulk of the three.
The heartwood is reddish-brown with darker streaks.
The grain is mostly straight but interlocked.
The texture is fine and uniform.
Bahia has a poor resistance to insect and fungi attacks.

Drying process must be carried out very slowly but without any particular problem.

Generally, the manufacture of this wood doesn’t present any difficulties.
It is considered a very great wood for interior joinery, furniture and cabinetwork;
It is well situated also in flooring, turnery, veneers and plywood.

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