Fraxinus excelsior

Botanical name is Fraxinus excelsior, It belongs to the family of Oleaceae (angiosperm). This tree can easily be found on the plains and woods of the European mountains, but also in the North Africa and western Asia.

The specific weight is Green 950 kg/m³ – Dried 700 kg/m³.

The sapwood and heartwood are very similar and have mostly a light colour but sometimes this wood can appear of a light brown that tends to become darker when seasoned.
A particular type of this tree is the olive ash used for decorative purposes, it is characterised by irregular and dark streaks that can be of different wideness.
This wood has a coarse pore texture and a straight fibre.

The artificial drying it is a very easy and quick process but it must be carried very carefully to avoid splitting.

This wood has very good qualities and it is always ready, for this reason, now it is very required.
Frassino is a very resistant and flexible wood and for this reason is easy to work.
It is mainly used for the realization of furnishings, handles, sport equipment and musical instrument.

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