Pericopsis elata

Botanical name is Pericopsis elata, it belongs to the family of Leguminosae-Papilionatae.
This tree develops below ground of the Guinea coats, between the Congo, the Ivory Coast and Cameroun.
The specific weight is Green 1100 kg/m³ – Dried 750 kg/m³ al 12% C.U.

The sapwood is narrow, whitish, with a marked tendency to yellow.
Instead, the heartwood is characterised by a brown-yellow colour with darker streaks.
Its fine texture and its regular fibre give to this wood pleasant appearance.

The Afrormosia is considered a decorative wood, infect it is often used for furniture of value as substitute for Teak.
It is a hard and compact wood, easy to work and with only a single polishing, we obtain a wonderful sheen.
It can easily be dried with very good results.

This wood is used for the production of a large range of items in the transformation industry: from mosaic floor to nautical furniture.
Thanks to its resistance to atmospheric agents, it is used for external constructions.

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